Things to keep in mind while Choosing a henna design

Choosing a henna design is a challenging task.You can not take it easy while choosing a beautiful henna design for you.It seems very easy but it can be very difficult too.
I have mentioned some points below to keep in mind while choosing a henna design.


First and the most important thing is for which occasion you are choosing the design. For a bride an outstanding design is require.

It will fulfill the wedding theme.It can be only a basic design or with some bride portraits.

For a bride in india it is recommended to cover full hand till elbow.It looks fantastic.For a party just a small and simple floral design is enough.

If you are going to attend a party then the design should be according to that. It can be simple western theme designs if it is a casual party or may be a culture representing design according to the society you are living in.

There are also cultural requirement for some ladies.You can choose arabic or western designs according to your requirement.There are lots of design types like typical indian gujrati,marwari and Rajasthani.

For girls the designs should be small and less covered and for brides and ladies design can be fully covered and filled.

Area of body

Designs are also selected according to which part of body you need.

Same design on hands can not work for the feet and also for belly or crown.

Area of the different parts of body is different. Some prefer to apply just a small design on the upper part of the feet, while others put henna all the way up to their knee length.

The quality of the mehndi is an important factor to consider.If you have an allergic reaction, you should completely avoid henna and perhaps use henna stickers instead.

So now you now which things to keep in mind while choosing a henna design. Or you can contact me if you need more help.

choosing a henna design
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