Bridal Henna Service

Importance of Bridal Henna

I can give you the best bridal henna services or wedding mehndi services, in dubai.I will make beautiful bridal henna designs.

Weddings are incomplete without henna.

Henna is treated as an ornament in several tradition.It tells the story of a new beginning together.

I understand each bride is unique and i will meet your needs to make your day even brighter.Nishi is an expert bridal henna artist in dubai.

What We Offer

Brides also will receive free consultation and can bring own design ideas to the artist. Nishi will provide suggestions and initial layout if required.

You can book appointment online or call nishi for appointment.Currently she is giving bridal henna services in dubai only.

Bridal Henna Designs

The bride traditionally gets the most different patterns to set her apart from her bridesmaids so the process can take four to seven hours to complete. 

Henna is applied two to three days prior to the wedding so that the henna has enough time to stain the skin; approximately 32 to 48 hours is optimal. 

I promise you will be much satisfied with my bridal henna(mehndi) services .

Why You Need Henna On Your Wedding

Bridal henna(wedding mehndi) gives blessings, luck, and joy. it is also a beauty enhancer.

Some brides likes future spouse’s initials of name hidden into their henna design. There may also be symbolic bridal henna(mehndi) designs which represents joy, luck, success, beauty, and other positive qualities.

Henna on the palms of the hand means that the person is open to receive blessings. Henna on top of the hands means the protection of the person. 

The designs themselves can vary from symbols of animals or objects to delicate lace patterns or swirling paisley.

For weddings, often the artist will incorporate the groom’s name into the artwork for a personal touch. Certain styles of bridal henna designs symbolizes fertility. 

At last i also want to add about my henna paste.My henna paste is purely organic and chemical free.Its full of natural substances.So if you have any past allergy to henna please discuss with me because it can be due to chemical henna that you have used in the past.

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