Belly Henna

Belly Henna or Pregnancy Henna is an old tradition in uae culture and i am an experienced henna(mehndi) designer who can give you best services and designs in Dubai.

Being pregnant is a best feeling in the life of a women. Having henna on your belly will make you more peaceful.

Belly Henna is a way to celebrate a new life and bless the mama with beauty, love, and well-wishes for her, as a mama with a new babe!  This belly artwork is done in the comfort of your own home, or it may be done as a part of a baby shower or mother’s blessing.

Belly Henna

You can opt for this service on different occasions like baby showers or baby belly blessings ceremony.

You can have any Pregnancy Henna design of your choice like Arabic,Indian or Moroccan. What about an design of a baby?Awesome!

You must also be thinking if having Belly or Pregnancy Henna is safe for your baby. For this i can make you sure one thing.I always use organic way of making henna paste. So it will not be having any effects on your body.

You can also checkout my Instagram or gallery to get an idea about belly henna(mehndi) designs but we can discuss more on meeting.

I recommend to take Home Service for your belly henna session.You can choose any location that is comfortable for you.

Please note that currently i am giving services in dubai only.

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